Head to this dashboard to get a high-level overview of how your courses are resonating with your learners

Ever wonder who the 'cool kid' is when it comes to your courses? Well, you can set that curiosity aside & swap it for validity with this new dashboard! 🤩

Step 1

Click on the Analytics Tab


Step 2

Navigate to the Course Progress Stats Dashboard


Step 3

The data displayed will give you insight into the progression of enrollment through to completion broken down by course.


Step 4

You can also add filters to the data to specify the information that will be displayed.

  • Enrollment date: Applies to the date in which learners were enrolled in the course
  • Last activity completion date: Applies to the date in which learners last interacted with course activities
  • Groups: Filter the data to only see courses assigned to specific groups

Step 5

To receive a .csv export of the data, click on the Send to email button at the top right. Once this button is triggered, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the account that you are signed into.

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