What this report is all about:

The data displayed in this report will give you insight into the progression of enrollment to completion, broken down by course. This will help you compare which courses are achieving anticipated metrics and identify ones that may need to be revisited.

How to Run this Report:

Select any filters you would like to apply to the report. To make future report running faster, click the Save configuration button to input a name you would like to assign the preset to.

You can set any of the preset configurations as the default preset by dropping down the Preset menu and hovering over the configuration preset to then select Make Default.

You'll now produce the chart with data organized by course name, the number of enrollments, the number of learners who started/completed a course, as well as their progress and time to completion.

To receive a .csv export of the data, click on the Send to email button at the top right. Once this button is triggered, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the account that you are signed into.

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