What this report is all about:

Take a deep dive into how an entire course is resonating with your learners.

How to Run this Report:

To get started, we'll need to select the specific course we're looking to analyze.

Click the Choose a Course call to action button or select the course from the drop-down menu in the upper-left-hand corner.

Select any filters you would like to apply to the report. To make future report running faster, click the Save configuration button to input a name you would like to assign the preset to.

You can set any of the preset configurations as the default preset by dropping down the Preset menu and hovering over the configuration preset to then select Make Default. Based on the filters applied, the data will be displayed to help you analyze the activity within the specific course selected.


This area of the dashboard will show how learners have funneled throughout the course from enrollment through to completion with associated percentages.


The overview will highlight the average amount of the course that your learners have completed, in addition to the average time it takes your learners to complete the course.

Drop-off Score

Hover over the bars shown within the Drop-off Score section to identify the activities within the course where learners begin to "drop-off" or fail to complete the course in full.

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