Check out this dashboard to do a deep dive into how a specific course is resonating with your learners.

Ready to take a 🔎 into the learner adoption stats for each course in your school? Let's Go!

Step 1

Click the Analytics Tab


Step 2

Navigate to the report titled Single Course Analysis


Step 3

Select the course you would like to analyze, which can be done in one of two ways:

Option #1: Select the course from the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner


Option #2: Click the 'Choose a Course' call to action button & then select the course from the drop-down menu that appears in the upper-left hand corner


Step 4

Select the filters you would like applied to the data:

  • Groups: Select which group you would like to see this data for
  • Enrollment Date: This will go based on when learners were enrolled in the course that you are completing the analysis for
  • Last Activity Completion Date: The date in which the learners within the course completed their last activity

Step 5

Based on the filters applied, the data will be displayed to help you analyze the activity within the specific course selected.


Step 6

Hover over the bars shown within the Drop-off Score section to identify the activities within the course where learners begin to drop-off.

What else does this nifty dashboard show?

Funnel: This area of the dashboard will show how learners have funneled throughout the course from enrollment through to completion with associated percentages.


Overview: The overview will highlight the average amount of the course that your learners have completed, in addition to the average time it takes your learners to complete the course.

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