Webhooks enable your developers to build deeper integrations with Northpass that enable your systems to take action based on learner interactions with training.

In order to use webhooks, you need to be on Premium package or higher.

Let's walk through how to enable the Webhooks app to set up endpoints to receive webhooks.

Note: programming knowledge is required in order to integrate webhooks into your system

Step 1

Find the Apps tab from the top navigation bar. Look for the below icon for the Webhooks app, and click Configure.

Step 2

Enable the application using the toggle, and click Save.

Step 3

Next, you can enter a URL endpoint that has been set up to receive webhooks. Additionally, you can subscribe this endpoint to receive any of our available webhook types (learner created, person invited, etc).

You can also create a maximum of 10 webhook subscriptions, using the "Add Another Endpoint" button.

In order to successfully create a webhook subscription, the specified URL endpoint must return a 2xx code. If the URL does not return a valid 2xx code, you will see the following *is not reachable error:

Step 4

The specified webhooks will now begin sending to their respective URL endpoints. To learn more about the various webhook types that we offer, check out all of our Webhooks articles or the Develop Hub.

Note: If a webhook fails to be delivered successfully, it will continue re-trying every hour for 24 hours, or until it succeeds. If the webhook still does not succeed after 24 hours, all webhooks will be disabled and you will be notified.

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