After an email domain has been added to Northpass for communications, you are able to add individual email addresses that can be used to replace <> as the sender for your email notifications. These instructions explain how to add a new sender address.

Step 1

Click on Communications


Step 2

Click on the Settings tab.


Step 3

In the row for a valid email domain, select Manager sender addresses from the Actions column.


Step 4

Add the email address:


Step 5

Add the name for the email (this will be seen in the recipient's inbox):


Step 6

To add this email address as the default for email notifications, check the Set as default box. Once set as the default email address, all emails without a designated email address will start being sent from the new default address.


Step 7

Click the Add button. You will now see your new email address available for use within notifications.


Once an email address has been added, it will be available for selection when customizing an email.

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