If learner's emails are going to their SPAM folder, adding a customized white-labeled email domain will help.

Step 1

Click on Communications

Step 2

Click on the Configuration tab.

Step 3

In the Sender Addresses row, select View All Domains from the Actions column.

Step 4

To Add a new email domain, click Add:

Step 5

The first step will be to add the domain from which you would like to send your emails. If your email address is "firstname@yourcompany.com", you would want to enter "yourcompany.com".

Step 6

You will then be presented with several DNS records that will need to be added via your DNS Hosting provider. Log in to your DNS Hosting Provider and create the records you find listed within your account.


In order to avoid the long waiting time of loading domains, please use just the URL's generated by Northpass, without top-level domains.
This will ensure the process goes smoothly and without any issues.

Step 7

Once all of your DNS records have been created and verified, you will receive an email from Northpass letting you know the setup is complete. You will now see your domain listed with a Valid status.

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