This article explains how to customize your Password Reset, Account Activation, Credential Award, Inactivity Nudge, Course Assignment or Discussion Board Comment Reply email notifications.

Step 1

Click on Communications

Step 2

Click on the Emails tab.

Step 3

Click on the Email name OR select Customize Email from the Actions column.

Step 4

Select the email address you would like the email to come from.

Step 5

Edit the Subject. If you do not edit the subject line, the default values will continue to be used. The +Personalization link can be used to add the recipients First Name, Last Name, and/or Email Address.

Step 6

Select a Header Image.

Step 7

Adjust the Headline copy.

Step 8

Edit the Body copy.

Step 9

Edit the Button text.

Step 10

Edit the Salutation copy.

Step 11

Click Save.

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