Please note that customizing your school requires knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Read this first:
It’s important to note that the school website templates allow you to take full control of the customization of your site design. Customizing the templates requires that all maintenance and site updates be done on your end. We won’t be able to support the look and feel of your website once you make changes, and can only help by resetting the templates to the default. As Northpass makes changes and new features are released, ongoing maintenance is required to update your templates.

Step 1

Access the templates.

  • Click Design and select Styling.
  • Select School Website Styling.

Step 2

Download the default template files. Click here to learn more.

Step 3

Locate the desired template(s) for the pages that you’d like to customize. Click here to see a reference of which template to use in order to customize each page.

Step 4

Edit the desired template file(s) using a text editor of your choice. Sublime Text and Notepad++ (Windows only) are popular editors. When you’re satisfied with your changes, upload them to Northpass to update your school website. Click here to learn more about uploading your templates.

Optional steps

  • If you would like to reset any of your customizations to the default templates, you can delete your custom templates. Click here to learn more.

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