This article explains how to create custom pages for your School Website. In order to use this feature, the Website and Catalog feature must be enabled in your account.

Step 1

Click Design


Step 2

Click Pages


Step 3

Click Add Page


Step 4

Provide values for the following properties for your new page:

Page Title (required) - Title of the custom page. This will appear in the browser tab and will be visible to the learner.

Headline (required) - Corresponds with the ##{{ custom_page.headline }} field in the custom_page.html template.

Subheadline - Corresponds with the ##{{ custom_page.subheadline }} field in the custom_page.html template.

URL path (required) - The web address for the custom page. By default this will populate with the page title but can be customized.


Step 5

Enter the body content for your custom page. The content provided here will populate the
##{{ custom_page.content }} variable in the custom_page.html template.


Step 6

Click Save Page


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