This feature is available with the following pricing plans: Premium, Unlimited, Pay as You Grow

Utilize javascript to further customize the learning experience. Please note that these customizations requires you to maintain the styles moving forward.

This feature allows you to:

  • upload any file with the .js extension to the custom templates
  • upload as many .js files as you'd like, e.g. file_1.js, another_file.js
  • have files loaded into the bottom of the learning experience and cover pages

Step 1

Create a javascript manifest file that will declare the included files as well as the load order. This file must be named custom_javascript_v1.html.sktl for the files to be included on v1 of the learning experience, and must be named custom_javascript_v2.html.sktl for the files to be included on v2 of the learning experience.

Step 2

Within the manifest file, declare the included javascript files. To declare a file named file.js, use the syntax ##{{ script 'file' }}

As an example, to include files named file_1.js and file_2.js, the manifest file would look like the image below. The files will be loaded in the order specified in the file.

Step 3

Upload and save all javascript files with .js extension, as well as the manifest created in steps 1 and 2.

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