Note: Connecting to a custom domain requires activation with your domain registrar.

Step 1

Click on your account name and select School Settings.

Step 2

In the Site Information section, click Change School URL.

Step 3

Edit your subdomain or add a custom domain. Click Save.

What if you want to set up a custom domain?

Please note that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to propagate across the entire internet.

Create a CNAME Record

Within your domain registrar’s site, and locate the Zone File Settings, DNS Manager, or similar area of your control panel. Here you will create a CNAME record that points your domain to Northpass.

Important note: You must use a subdomain for your custom domain. Do not point a naked domain at Northpass. Many schools choose subdomains such as www, learn, or academy.

In this example, we'll set up a school with the custom domain

  • Alias - should be www
  • Type - should be CNAME(ALIAS)
  • Points To - should be

Optional - Enable Domain Forwarding of a naked domain

This section helps you point your naked domain to your Northpass school domain. In this example, we’ll forward to

Within your domain provider’s Domain Forwarding area, create a 301 (permanent) redirect rule to forward the version of your domain without the 'www' to the version with the 'www'. ->

If presented with the options, always select HTTP:// and 301 redirect types.

Step 4

Click Save.

What if you want to secure your custom domain?

SSL Certificate

By default, we do not require setting up an SSL certificate in order to use a custom domain. However, in order to ensure that sensitive information is not passed insecurely, we redirect the learner to a secure subdomain using Northpass' SSL certificate ([SUBDOMAIN] As this URL is only used in a couple of places, this suffices for most as a tradeoff of not needing to set up the SSL certificate.

However, for customers who prefer to purchase, host, and manage an SSL certificate in order to have a secure custom domain through the sensitive school transactions, we support using an SSL Certificate with your account.

Contact us to learn more about setting up an SSL Certificate.

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