If you're using the 'Add Learner' button in Northpass to give learners access to your school and your school is set private, this option appears on the Settings page.

By enabling this feature, you're allowing individuals who don’t have access to your school, the ability to request access when they land on the login page. You are able to customize the link learners are led to when they click 'Request access' (e.g., to a marketing landing page).

This is a way to push people through your funnel from your school's login page to your lead generation software that will collect their information. Follow the instructions below to enable learners to request access to your school.

Step 1

Click Account and select School Settings.

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom and check the box next to Turn on request access.

Step 3

Enter the text that will appear as the Request access link on your login page. E.g., "Click here to request access to [your school's name]."

Step 4

Paste the URL you would like users to be led to when they click on the Request access link. E.g., when users click on the Request access link, they are led to a marketing landing page containing a form they can fill out with their information. Upon receiving the submission from the user, you can use the 'Add Learner' button to give them access to the course.

Below is an example of how your login page will appear.

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