This article explains how to give Manager or Admin permission to a person who currently has Learner permission in your school. In order to promote a learner via this method, your school must use an authentication type that collects an email address. Before taking the steps below, be sure to familiarize yourself with the permissions attached to each role:

  • Learner: Access to view courses assigned to them.
  • Manager: Access to edit content, view and download reports for learner progress and quiz analytics, and resend pending invites in courses assigned to them.
  • Admin: Access to all functionalities for all courses.

Step 1

Click People.

Step 2

Use the search bar to search for the person.

Step 3

Click on the person's name.

Step 4

Click on the Actions icon at the top right and select the Desired action.

Step 5

Confirm the role change

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