This article highlights how you gain access to unique activation links via the interface.

Before a learner activates into a school, they are sent a unique activation link via email. However, you can also access this unique link via the Northpass interface. How? Buckle up! 🚀

Step 1

Click the Community Tab


Step 2

Search for the user that you are interested in obtaining the activation link for


Step 3

You can access this user's profile in one of two ways:

Option #1

Click on the link found under the Name or Email columns


Option #2

Click on the three dots found under the Actions column & select View Profile


Step 4

Regardless of which option pursued above, you will be brought into the user's profile


Step 5

At the top of the user's profile, the unique activation link will be provided


Step 6

Right click on the link & select Copy. From there, the link will be copied to your clipboard & you will be able to provide it to the learner in whatever you choose.

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