This article explains how to add additional courses to a learner in your school. Learners can only view the courses assigned to them. Learners can also be assigned to courses using Groups. Click here to learn more about creating groups.

1. Click and select People.

2. Search for & select a learner.

3. Click the three dots under the Actions column & select View Profile.

4. Once you are brought into the learner's profile, select Manage Permissions.

5. Navigate down to the Courses section of the permissions screen & click the corresponding Edit button.

6. Begin to type in the name of the course you would like to give the learner access to. Select the course from the menu & click Add.

7. Click the X in the upper-right hand corner of the 'Courses' pop-up window & you will see that the additional course has been provisioned to the learner.

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