We have given our admin back-end navigation bar a makeover. Let's dive in!


🚨The navigation will be enabled for all managers & admins on June 28, 2019. Until then, you have the ability to opt into the upgrade.🚨

Account Related Tab (Left Side of Nav Bar)

The image that has been uploaded as your School Logo under the Design tab will be displayed in this portion of the navigation bar.


When you click on the drop-down menu you will be presented with the following options:


No worries we read your mind wondering where each option will direct you! 🧠

Main Navigation Bar Tabs (Center of Nav Bar)

Account Related Tab (Right Side of Nav Bar)

On this side of the navigation bar, you will have the option to preview your school or drill down into the account-related options.


When you click into the Account drop-down menu, you will have the following options:

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