The authentication method for your school determines how learners will log in to your school website at your school domain.

Regardless of the selection, Admins and Instructors will always continue accessing Northpass via with their email address and password.

Note: Only one authentication type can be chosen per school. Contact us to set up additional schools if you need more than one way to authenticate your learners.

When switching between authentication types, learners may need to create new accounts if you are switching between authentication methods that do not provide the same set of fields (e.g. switching from Open Access with Phone Number & Last Name collection to Preregistration.)


This configuration is best suited when you plan to upload the email addresses of each learner you’d like to give access to. Learners will receive invitations to register for accounts on your school. Upon registering, they will be able to see the courses you've provided them access to. This option offers total control over access to your school.

Open Access

This configuration is best suited for when you want to seamlessly grant access through links. There are two ways you can share links. Option one is pre-populating learner details in the link you provide to the learner. Option two is to gather information from the learner when they arrive at your school prior to them accesses content. This option offers no security, as anyone with this link will have access.

Shared Accounts

This configuration is best suited when you would like integrate with your own authentication systems like OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and Google Apps. Learners will simply login with the same credentials they use to access your systems, and will then have access to the courses you’ve assigned. This option offers complete control of who has access to your school.

Public Access

This configuration is best when you would like to expose a public-facing catalog and allow any learners to enroll for free or purchase courses. We offer a free public catalog, a paid public catalog, and an integration with Shopify. Contact us to discuss if Public Access is right for you and to enable it in your account.

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