This article shows you how to configure your school for the Preregistration authentication method. This configuration is best suited when you plan to upload the email addresses of each learner you’d like to give access to. Learners will receive invitations to register for accounts on your school. Upon registering, they will be able to see the courses you've provided them access to. This option offers total control over the access to your school.

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Step 1

Click on Account in the top navigation bar and select School Settings.

Step 2

Click on the Authentication tab.

Step 3

Click Edit.

Step 4

Review the options in the modal and click Continue.

Step 5

Select Preregistration from the dropdown.

Step 6

Click Save.

Step 7 (Optional)

If you'd like to customize the invitation email sent to learners, you can do so by leveraging our integration.

If you'd like to provide learners who do not receive the invitation email to be able to request access to your school, click here to learn more about how to set that up.

Step 8

Get started inviting learners.

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