This article explains how to set up Auth0 as part of your Shared Accounts authentication method.

Step 1

Click on Account in the top navigation bar and select Settings.


Step 2

Click on the Authentication tab.


Step 3

Click Edit.


Step 4

Review the options in the modal and click Continue.


Step 5

Select Shared Accounts from the dropdown.


Step 6

Select Auth0.


Step 7

Enter the details for your Auth0 app.


Step 8

To get the above fields, you can go to your Auth0 Account/Application. In the Applications menu item on the side bar, click on your App and find the Settings tab. Copy and paste the fields

  • Client Identifier = Client ID
  • Client secret code = Client Secret
  • Issuer = Domain

Step 9

While you are grabbing your settings, Please add your school domain followed by this callback parameter in your Auth0 Application.


Step 10

Enter a URL that you’d like the learner to be redirected to when they click “Log Out” from your school website.


Step 11

Click Save.


Step 11

Get started sharing links to your school. Anyone with an account in your system will be able to authenticate upon visiting your school. Learners will only see the courses that they have been granted access to. Click here to learn more about managing course access.

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