This article will highlight how you can customize the catalog homepage that greets your learners if you have the Website & Catalog application enabled.

Step 1

Click the Design Tab & select the Pages section


Step 2

Locate the Homepage page & click Edit


Step 3

On this page, you will be able to modify the following components of the Homepage.

👋🏼What is the Homepage? If the Website & Catalog application has been enabled in your school, the homepage is the screen that learners will be greeted with when they log into their account on the Northpass platform. For additional insight as to how you can enable the Website & Catalog application please feel free to check out the support documentation on enabling the Website & Catalog app.


Step 4

Click the Save button


What will my learners see?

When learners come into the school, they will see the settings that you have applied to the Homepage of your course catalog.

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