This article shows you how to configure your school for the Shared Accounts authentication method. This configuration is best suited when you would like integrate with your own authentication systems like OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and Google Apps. Learners will simply login with the same credentials they use to access your systems, and will then have access to the courses you’ve assigned. This option offers control of who has access to your school.

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Step 1

Identify if you will need OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, or Google Apps. If you're unsure of your Identity Provider, please check with your technical team.

Step 2

Contact us to enable the appropriate Shared Accounts solution for you.

Step 3

Configure the appropriate solution. For OAuth 2.0 instructions, click here. For OpenID Connect, click here. For Google Apps, click here.

Optionally, you can also utilize the API to manage learner creation and course enrollments. Learn more about managing your learners and course access via API here.

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