The instructions below assume the following steps have already taken place:

  • Customizations have been migrated from V2 to V3

  • Migrated customizations have been previewed and approved

Step 1

Click on the Learning Experience Styling option located under the Design tab.

Step 2

In the upper right hand corner you will see an Upgrade to V3 button:

Click this button.

Step 3

A confirmation modal will appear to ensure that you do in fact want to proceed with the upgrade:

If you aren't quite ready to make the update, click Cancel. If you've already confirmed your V3 style updates, and are ready to go, click the Yes! Give me the new LX button.

Step 4

Your Learning Experience will now be set to V3 for all of the learners in your instance:

*** If for some reason you need to revert your LX back to V2, please use this article.

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