How to Enable the Instructor-Led Training app:

Step 1

Go to Apps in the top navigation bar and locate Instructor-Led Training in the list of apps. Click the Configure button.

Step 2

Toggle the button to Enable Instructor-Led Training

Step 3 (Optional)

If your learners are using Google Calendar, you can enable an easy way for learners to add events to their Google Calendars by checking the box.

Step 4

To view your sessions, go to Content and select the tab Instructor-Led Training.

From here, we can create an Online or an In-Person Event. These events will appear on a learner's Discover Events page to register for their training sessions.

How to Create an Online or In-Person Event:

Step 1

Click + New Event and select the type of event you wish to create.

Step 2

Follow the prompts for each of the following sections of your event--

Event Details: Provide a Name and a Description for your event

Preferences: Select the audience for this event and select the timezone in which its times should be displayed. For the audience, the event can be displayed for everyone; learners enrolled in certain courses or groups or for no one.

Sessions: Add one or more sessions for the event. For each session, add the following details:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • For Online Events--Session URL: provide a link to register for the session

  • For In-Person Events--Location and Room (must first be created here)

  • Instructor

  • Number of seats available

Notifications: It is possible to send notifications to event registrants at a selected time before or after your session. For these notifications, you will provide a name and select the timing of the email. You will then edit your email's Subject, Body, and Salutation.

Step 3

Click Save and Exit.

To View Your Registrations:

Go to Analytics in the top navigation bar and select the Instructor-Led Training Report to view all registrations easily.

You can also manage email communications to confirm registrations and verify attendance for In-Person Events by clicking the Communications tab and selecting Emails.

Add to calendar.

We allow the sessions to be added directly to your calendars. Below you will see a tutorial on how your learners can complete that!

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