Northpass offers two discussion apps: A Disqus integration app and our Native Discussion app. This article explains how to add discussion boards to course activities using one of the available apps.

Decide whether you want to enable the Disqus app or Native Discussion app. The Disqus app is an integration with Disqus and offers all of Disqus' features and settings. The Native Discussion app is an app built by Northpass and allows you to have fully private discussions within your courses.

Only one app can be enabled at one time. If you want to switch from one app to the other, you must first disable the active app before enabling the other app. Make sure you have one of the apps enabled before moving forward. Use the links below to learn how to enable either discussion app.

Enable Native Discussion App

Enable Disqus App

Step 1

Select a course.

Step 2

Open an existing activity or click Add Activity. Click the toggle button next to Discussion Board and add a discussion prompt in the text field (optional).

An example of an active discussion board in the learner experience is provided below.

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