Deciding the most appropriate quiz format for your learners is an important part of designing your courses.

If you want to throw your users a pitch straight down the middle so that each user has the same quizzing experience, use static quizzes to provide answer types including true/false, multiple-choice, or short answer.

On the flip side, if you want to throw your users a curveball and ensure that each quiz a user takes is different, go with dynamic quizzes that utilize question banks to randomize the questions that are presented to learners.

Step 1

Click Content and select Quizzes (note: if you're selecting Dynamic Quizzes, click here first to create a Question Bank)

Step 2

Click Create Quiz, which will pull up the two choices we offer:

Now, add a name for your quiz.

Step 3

If you chose a Static Quiz... you'll see choices of Multiple Choice or Short Answer:

You can add personalizations into the questions like the first name or employee ID of the learner, by clicking +Personalization to the right.

By clicking Settings at the left, you can re-name, clone, or delete the quiz completely. Note: deleting a quiz also deletes all analytics as well, permanently.

If you chose a Dynamic Quiz... you'll be prompted to choose the information you'd like to include for the quiz.

Step 4

Review your selections and click Save + Close. You're now ready to add quizzes from the Courses tab in Content.

Step 5

When you add a Quiz Activity to your course, you will now see your Static and Dynamic Quizzes available in the dropdown. Choose the quiz you would like to use:

If you selected Dynamic Quiz, you must choose whether the questions should be completely randomized or, or should be randomized but still presented grouped in their categories:


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