This article shows you how to add learner personalization variables into rich text fields. For example, you could use this feature to greet your learners by name in a rich text activity or in the Description or Additional Information field of a course activity. You can also personalize learner details in Assignment Instructions, Quiz Questions, or Discussion Prompts.

The personalization variables available to you varies based on the fields collected in your selected authentication scheme. For example, if you are using URL Auth and capture first name, last name, and email - those are the three personalization parameters available to you when using this feature.

Step 1

Navigate to a rich text activity, assignment, quiz, discussion prompt, or the Description or Additional Information field in a course activity.

Step 2

Enter your content into the field. In areas where you want to personalize the rich text with learner details, click Personalize at the top right and select one or more variables.

Here is an example of how personalizing a Description with the learner's first name would appear in the Learning Experience:

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