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This article explains:

  • How to create a learning path so that assigned learners navigate & complete a series of courses and/or ILT events in a defined sequence.

Step 1

Click On Content > Learning Paths

Step 2

Click on Create Learning Path

Step 3

Provide your learning path name, description, picture, and select the instructor(s) from the list of your school's admins and managers.

Click Finish.

Step 4

Select the courses you would like to be included in your learning path:

The order in which the courses appear in the learning path can be modified via drag and drop:

Step 5

Add any notifications that would like to send to learners enrolled in the learning path:

Multiple notifications can be added for a Learning path, allowing you to provide learners with instructions or encouragement immediately after enrollment or once they complete the path.

Step 6

The Permissions tab allows you to select which audience should see and be able to take this learning path.

The options include:

  • Everyone (via the discover learning paths page)
  • Specific people currently enrolled in an existing course or group (via the discover learning paths page)
  • No learners (learners will not be able to discover the learning path on their own and will need to be manually enrolled or provide with a learning path enrollment link)

Step 7

Manage your learning path's Preferences by adjusting its listed Categories and Instructors. Learning Path categories are the same as course categories and can be managed here.

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