What this report is all about:

This report is particularly helpful for verifying specific learners or groups completed courses satisfactorily.

Understanding how your learners are progressing through courses is just as important as creating the courses themselves. The data can be viewed in real-time from within your Analytics dashboard or exported as a downloadable CSV.

Useful Terminology-

  • Learner details
    For your school, the learner details are as follows
    Column 1: Learner first and last name Column 2: Learner email

  • Course information
    This represents the name of the course to which this progress data corresponds to.

  • Enrollment date
    This represents the date that the learner first received access to the course.

  • Course attempt initiated
    This represents when the learner first entered the course.

  • Course attempt number
    This represents the number of retakes a learner has attempted on this course.

  • Percent complete
    This represents the percentage of the course that a learner has completed.

  • Last activity completion date
    This represents the date that a learner last completed any activity. Please note, if the course is 100% complete, this reflects the completion date of the course.

How to Run this Report:

You can apply a filter on the following categories to view the data that meets the specified criteria:

  • Courses

  • Groups

  • Quizzes

  • Last question answered range

Click the Edit button to specify your filters & then click the Apply button.

Note: To ensure a complete dataset, we suggest selecting a date range of "Custom" to include the duration of your Northpass journey so far.

You can search for a specified learner by searching their name in the Search Bar.

To sort the data table, click the column header you'd like to sort by.

To receive a .csv export of the data, click on the Send to email button at the top right. Once this button is triggered, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the account that you are signed into.

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