This article explains how to create an online event for Instructor-Led Training. Online events will appear on a learner's Discover Events page and allow them to register for online training sessions. Following these instructions you will be able to create a training, assign sessions and setup learner notifications for before and after the session.

Step 1

Click Content and select Instructor-Led Trainings


Step 2

Click Add Event


Select Online Event


Step 3

Event Details: Provide a Name and a Description for your event


Step 4

Preferences: Select the audience for this event and select the time zone in which its times should be displayed.

For the audience, the event can be displayed for everyone, learners enrolled in certain courses or groups, or for no-one.


Step 5

Sessions: Add one or more sessions for the event. For each session, add the following details:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
  • Session URL: provide a link to register for the session
  • Instructor
  • Number of seats available

Step 6

Notifications: It is possible to send notifications to in-person event registrants at a selected time before or after your session.

For these notifications, you will provide a name and select the timing of email:


You will then edit your email's Subject, Body, and Salutation.


Save your Notification.

Step 7

Click Save and exit

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