This integration enables the automation of workflows between BambooHR and Northpass, removing the need to manually provide course access to users.

After the integration is set up, you will be able to add Northpass courses as employee trainings within BambooHR and automatically schedule these trainings for employees.

1. In BambooHR, go to Settings -> Trainings.


2. Add a new training for each course within Northpass:


3. Choose how the trainings should be assigned to learners. Manage requirements and due dates:


4. In your Northpass account, go to Apps and click 'Configure' next to the BambooHR app:

5. Add your BambooHR Company name:

Select the correct BambooHR domain and click Connect BambooHR:

You will be prompted to the Integration window:

6. In Northpass, match your Northpass courses to your BambooHR training:

Pro-Tip: Once you have mapped the Northpass courses to the BambooHR training within Northpass, you will not need to make any changes to the course link provided to your employees within BambooHR. The mapping will automatically populate the accurate Northpass course link in BambooHR for you.

If you cannot find training in the dropdown menu, ensure integration is synced:

7. Add a new employee in BambooHR. They will automatically be assigned their Trainings:


The new employee will be automatically added to Northpass. Fields will include an image, work email, first name, and last name:

After an employee has completed the Northpass course, the corresponding training will automatically be marked as complete within BambooHR:


You can adjust the Training's settings to alert you when an employee has not completed their assigned training:


When an employee is marked as terminated within BambooHR, they will also lose their access to Northpass courses:

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