When utilizing the Fountain application, you have the ability to pass your learners directly into Fountain once they complete the Northpass course associated with the Learning Stage they are currently active within. Pretty sweet, right!? 😎

Step 1

Navigate to the course included within your Fountain Workflow & click on the Settings tab


Step 2

Locate the End of course screen section & select Custom from the drop-down menu


Step 3

Input the associated custom fields & select Return to Fountain as the Primary Call to Action Button Destination


Step 4

Input the text you would like to display on the Call to Action Button


Step 5

Trigger the Update button in the upper-right-hand corner


Step 6

Once learners complete the course in Northpass, they will be provided the information you entered as the custom end of course screen.


🌟After triggering the button the applicant will be brought back into the next Fountain stage based on the logic within your Fountain workflow.🌟

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