Setup and Configuration

Permission Sets

There is one permission set included with the Northpass package. The Northpass Standard User permission set will need to be assigned to any user that will be viewing course enrollments for contact records.

Assign Permission Set

To assign permission sets, navigate to Setup > User > Permission Sets then select the Northpass Standard User Permission Set

Adding A Related List

Once you've installed the app, please follow the instructions below to add the Enrollment related list to the Contact object layout page, navigate to Setup > Object Manager.

  • Select Contact
  • Select Page Layouts
  • Select a page layout to edit
  • Select Related Lists from the palette and drag and drop the Enrollments related list onto the page layout
  • Click the wrench icon to edit the properties of the related list
  • Select which fields from the list of Available Fields you would like displayed on the related list and click Add
  • Choose which field to sort the list by and the sort order then click the Buttons section
  • Uncheck the New button to prevent users from manually creating enrollment records. Click OK
  • Click Save
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