The Credentials app allows you to add certificates to your courses. Certificates can be printed or downloaded by learners upon the successful completion of a course. You can set certificates to pull your school logo, include an issue date, expiration date, and/or your signature, as well as email the certificate to the learner.

Pro Tip: Incorporate a Milestone to the end of your course before associating a Credential to it. Without a Milestone, learners can click to the end of the course to claim the certificate without meeting any specified criteria.

Step 1

On the Apps page, click Configure next to Credentials.

Step 2

In the top navigation bar, click Content and select Credentials. Click Add at the top right.

Step 3

Fill out the appropriate fields for the credential. Each field is explained below. Then click Create at the top right.

  • Name credential: Name your credential so you can easily identify it when adding it to a course. This name is internal and cannot be viewed by your learners.
  • School logo: Check this box if you want to include your school's logo on the certificate.
  • Credential issue date: Check this box to include an issue date on each certificate issued to your learners.
  • Expiration date: Check this box if you want to specify and display an expiration date on the certificate.
  • Issuer name: Check this box if you want to specify and display a signature on the certificate.
  • Email confirmation: Check this box if you want the certificate to be emailed to the learner in addition to being issued within the learning experience. (This setting will not be available for instances with SSO enabled.)

Step 4

In the top navigation bar, click Content and select Courses. Open a course.

Step 5

Click on the Settings tab. Under 'Would you like to associate a credential to this course?' select the credential name from the drop-down menu. Click Update Course.

  • Once the credential is added to your course, learners will be presented with a certificate upon successful completion of the course. They will have the option of downloading and/or printing the certificate.

Step 6

To view Credential analytics, proceed to the Analytics section. The Credential Achievements Report displays which learners have been awarded a credential:


The download button provides you the option to obtain a .csv file with a list of learners that had successfully completed the course and earned a certificate.

If you're an Admin, you will be able to view and download the credentials issued for your learners! Simply just click on the Credential name to populate it, a new tab will open and the credential will be ready for download!
This functionality is unavailable for Managers and Learners.

Step 7

Click the three dots under the Actions column corresponding to the credential you'd like to Edit. Make any changes that you see fit to the credential & select the Update button

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