This article shows you:

  • How to customize the end of course modal that greets a learner when they complete a course.

Step 1

On the Content > Courses page, click to open a course.

Step 2

Click on Settings.

Step 3

Within the End of course screen section of the course setting, click on the dropdown menu and select Custom. Enter a Headline, Description, & Hero Image for your custom screen.

  • Optional Step: Select a primary call to action, or even add a secondary call to action to customize the button destination & button text. Interested in learning how to use this feature to create a learning path? Then, click here!

Note: If you have enabled the Credentials app, there will automatically be a button added on the end-of-course screen for the learner to view their certificate.


Step 4

Click Update at the top right.


An example customized end-of-course screen is provided below.


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