This article discusses how you can set up Typeform to automatically pull learner information into your survey results. Automating this task creates a smoother flow when learners fill out Typeform surveys in Northpass because it removes the need to ask for learners' names and email addresses. Note that the hidden fields feature in Typeform requires a Pro plan.

Step 1

In Typeform, open a form.

Step 2

On the Build page, click on the Hidden fields toggle button at the bottom to enable it.

Step 3

Create a field for the following values and click Save.

  • email
  • firstname
  • lastname

Once the hidden fields have been applied, you can embed the survey as you normally would by copying the URL from the Distribute page in the typeform and pasting it into a Survey activity in Northpass. If the survey has already been embedded in Northpass, no changes are needed.

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