Note: This article is applicable for schools not using URL Authentication or Single Sign-on. If you are currently and plan to continue using the 'Add' button in the People Center to provide your learners with course access, this option is available to you.

The ability to send learner and instructor invitation emails from provides you with greater flexibility over the copy, look and feel of the welcome emails. Within, you can customize various facets of the invitation email such as the ‘from’ email address, subject line, body copy, and branding design.

You can configure the workflow to automatically re-send invitation emails until the user activates their account, and determine whether emails are received by users with the ability to monitor the delivery status of emails within

Invitation emails will be sent for all new people who are added to your school: Admins, Instructors, and Learners. You can choose to send the same email to all people, or different emails for each role type.

This article will help you:

  • Set up to begin sending invitation emails
  • Configure a series of automated invitation emails to send to learners over a period of time until they activate their account
  • Configure a series of automated invitation emails to send to admins and instructors over a period of time until they activate their account
  • Turn off invitation emails sent from Northpass

Creating a segment for pending learners

You will need this segment for future sections of this article. This segment will also be a good tool for you to easily see who has not yet activated their account.

Create a segment for learners who have not yet activated their accounts.

Step 1

Click Segments.

Step 2

Click Create Segment.

Step 3

Choose have not performed and then type the event person_activated

Creating your learner invitation emails

Step 1

Create a new campaign.

Step 2

Give your campaign a name and click Create Event Triggered Campaign.

Step 3

Type the event name “person_invited” into the box.

Step 4

Click Add event data filter.

Step 5

Type “role” into the first box and “learner” into the second box. Click Next: Workflow.

Step 6

Add a filter to only send the email to someone when they are in the segment from the first section of the article.

Step 7

Add an action to the workflow. Choose Email from the dropdown and give your email a name.

Step 8

Click Add content to add your email content.

Step 9

IMPORTANT Add your desired email copy and customizations. Insert a link with the text ##{{event.activation_url}} as the URL. This is a critical step. Without this step, the learner cannot accept the invitation.

Step 10

Click Done in the upper right hand corner.

Step 11

Choose to send the email automatically.

Step 12

Repeat steps 7-12 as many times as you’d like, adding multiple unique emails to your workflow.

Step 13

Add time delays between your emails to stagger the sending.

Click Delay and choose the location where to insert the delay.

Step 14

Click Next: Goal.

Step 15

Define your goal by choosing “leave” and then choose the segment made in the first section of the article.

Step 16

Click Next: Review.

Step 17

Click Start Campaign.

Creating your admin and instructor invitation emails

Repeat steps 1-17 from “Creating your learner invitation emails”, but customize the copy for inviting admins and instructors.

Note, for step 5: Type “role” into the first box. Choose “is not equal to” for the dropdown, and type “learner” into the second box.

Final step: Turning off invitation sending from Northpass

Turn off sending the invitation emails from Northpass.

Step 1

In Northpass, go to Apps.

Step 2

Next to, click Configure.

Step 3

Next to Admin + Learner Invitation Emails, toggle the button on. Click Save at the top right.

Once this step is completed, invitation emails will no longer send from Northpass, so it’s important to ensure that your account remains set up properly.

Important note: If you do not complete this step, the learner will receive emails both from Northpass and

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