This article explains how to use to send learners notifications when they've begun a course but have not completed within a period of time.

Create the Segment

1. In Northpass, go to the Apps page and click Configure next to the app. Locate course UUID for the course you'd like to target in the triggered email. You’ll use this to create your segment in

2. In, click Segments in the left-hand panel. Click the Create Segment button at the top right.

3. Name your segment. This is the segment of learners who will be targeted in the triggered email.

4. Add the following criteria to the segment. This will find all learners who have enrolled in the course but have not yet completed it.

Under 'Segment for people where:', select All of the following conditions match.

Click on Attribute to display the drop-down menu and select Event.

In the field to the right, replace 'login' with course_completed.

In the third field, select has not been performed from the drop-down menu.

So far, your segment should look like the screenshot below.

5. Next to 'and', click Add condition and select Any.

In the new branch, click Attribute and select Event. Replace 'login' with course_group_enrolled. Select has been performed for the third field.

Next to 'or', click Add condition and select Event. Replace 'login' with course_manually_enrolled. Select has been performed for the third field.

Next to 'or', click Add condition and select Event. Replace 'login' with course_self_enrolled. Select has been performed for the third field.

Your segment should now appear as shown in the screenshot below.

6. Next to all four events in the segment, click Refine then Add filter.

In all four filters - For attribute_name, type course_uuid. Select is equal to and paste the uuid of the course from Step 1.

Make sure your segment looks like the screenshot below and click Save Changes.

Create the Segment Triggered Campaign

1. In click Triggered in the left-hand panel.

2. Name your campaign and select Create Segment Triggered Campaign.

3. Click Add segment condition. Select the name of the segment you just created and click Save Changes.

4. Click Next: Workflow. Click Add your first email, name your email (e.g., Course Completion Email), and click Create Email.

Click on the email you just created to open it. Create the email you'd like to send. You can use customer variables to populate learner information, and event variables to populate course name, short description, and link to course cover page. Click here to learn more about the metadata sent.

Click Save Changes.

5. Click Done at the top right to return to the main email page. Above the email, click Edit to set up the sending rules. In this case, we selected 7 days; however, you can set it to anything you'd like. Click Update delay. Change the email from Queue Draft to Send Automatically. This means the email will send automatically 7 days after someone enrolls in the specified course, if they have not completed the course. Click Save Changes at the bottom right.

6. Click Next: Goal. This is an optional step where you can define conditions to measure your email campaign's success. Learn more here. Set up the goal or click Skip goal. Select Save changes at the bottom right.

7. Click Next: Review. Review the details of your email and click Start Campaignat the bottom.

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