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This article explains:

  • How to enroll a learner into a learning path
  • Allowing learners to take courses in a pre-defined order

Note: Please follow the instructions related to the authentication method of your school.

Existing Pre-Registration Learners/All Open Access/ Shared Account learners:

Step 1

Click On Content > Learning Paths


Step 2

Click into a learning path


Step 3

Click Share


Step 4

Copy the enrollment link and provide it to the learner(s) you would like to provide access to the learning path. Once the learner has been authenticated & they click the enrollment link, they will be allowed to take the courses in the learning path.


New Learners in Pre-Registration Schools

Step 1

Click Community and select People


Step 2 Click the Add



Step 3 Add the learner's email address


Step 4 Select Learner as the role.


Step 5

Select a learning path from the drop-down menu.


Step 6

Click Invite. An invitation email will be sent to the learner and after they activate they will have access to the learning path.

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