This article provides an overview of the different delivery statuses available for communications which can be found in the delivery log.


Northpass has successfully processed the request to send the communication to the person and pushed the email.


An email was requested to be sent to a person however Northpass did not end up sending it. This status would appear if for example the recipient had previously unsubscribed from communications.


The email has been sent by Northpass and has been accepted by the recipient's email server. This status does not mean that the email appeared in the recipient's inbox, only that it was received by its server.


Northpass attempted to send the email to the recipient however was not able to deliver the message. This is often the result of an incorrect email address.


If the recipient views an email and has images turned on, the email will be marked as opened. If the recipient views the email but does not enable images, we are unable to track that it has been opened.

Spam report

The recipient has marked the email as SPAM.

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