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The Website and Catalog app provides your users with the ability to browse your course catalog and self-enroll in courses that pique their interest.

Using this app, your school will now feature a homepage, course catalog, and individual course promotion pages for learners.

You can apply your branding throughout all pages using an intuitive interface, or go as far as customizing the HTML and CSS. Additionally, you can add custom pages to showcase content such as instructor biographies, the mission of your learning center, and more.

NOTE: Shopify integration cannot be used with Website & Catalog.

How do I enable the Website & Catalog App?

Step 1

Click Apps in the navigation bar.

Step 2

Next to Website and Catalog, click Configure.


Step 3

Toggle the button on to enable the app or off to disable the app.

Note: in the School Status section, you can toggle your school to private or public. This means when learners come to your school there will be a Create Account option available. Learners will then be able to create an account & authenticate into the platform.

How do I include a course within my Course Catalog?

Step 1

Click into the setting for the course you would like to include within your catalog

Step 2

Locate the section titled Course Status & check off the In Catalog box

Step 3

Click the Update button

Step 4

Now, we'll want to select which featured courses you want and customize the homepage learners will see.

In the navigation bar, click the Design tab. Next, select Pages.

Click the Edit button for the Homepage.

Step 5

Customize the way your Homepage looks and reads with the edits available. You can give your homepage a headline and subheadline, add artwork (note: the image should be at least 1200x300 pixels), and select the courses featured on the homepage.

If a course is not showing in the drop-down for Featured Courses, make sure to head back to your Course Settings, where you will need to check the box for In Catalog.

Here's an example of what learners will now see on your school's homepage with the Website & Catalog feature enabled:

Get creative as the possibilities to customize your Homepage are endless! We can't wait to see what you create.

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