So you may be wondering, what is a milestone? 🤔
A milestone is a benchmark criteria that users must meet. You can choose to leverage milestones to encourage users to voluntarily engage with the content in a specified manner, or to require users to complete the criteria before they can move forward in a course.

Oh sweet deal, so how do they work? 😁
Example: You can create a milestone that requires users to complete a quiz with a score of 70% of more. The users will not be able to view content or complete the course until the successfully receive a 70% or greater on the quiz and successfully meet the milestone.

Well that sounds epic, let's get milestones up & running! 🥳

Step 1

Go to Content > Courses.

Step 2

Open a course.
🚨Note: You must have a video, quiz, assignment, or SCORM activity already in the course in order to add a Milestone. For video activities, the video must be uploaded to Northpass (not embedded).

Step 3

Click Add Activity
🚨Note: The video, quiz, assignment or SCORM activity must come before the milestone activity and you will want to name the milestone activity (e.g., Checkpoint).

Step 4

Select Milestone as the activity type.

Step 5

Click on the dropdown menu next to Add a requirement, select a requirement and add the criteria.
⚡️Quick Insight: You can add as many as you'd like (with consideration to the number of quiz, video, assignment or SCORM activities that come before the Milestone).

🔎Quick Tip: If you creating a quiz requirement milestone, revisit the quiz activity and determine whether you want to allow users to retake the quiz. For example, if you do not allow users to retake the quiz and have a milestone that requires users to complete the quiz at 70% of more before progressing in the course, the user will be prevented from moving forward in the course if they do not score 70% or more on their first try.

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