This article explains how to view courses you're managing versus courses you're assigned to as a learner. For courses you're managing as an Instructor / Admin, you have permission to edit the content. For courses you're assigned to as a Learner, you only have permission to view the content.

When viewing content as a Learner, all your activity will be recorded in the analytics dashboard. When viewing content as an Instructor, the only activity that will be recorded are your discussion posts.

The benefit of assigning an Instructor or Admin the role of a Learner in certain courses is that they'll be able to view the courses as a Learner and have all of their course progress recorded in your school's analytics.

Step 1

In the top navigation bar, click View School.

Step 2

Click Get Started on the left to view courses you're managing; or click Get Started on the right to view courses you're assigned to as a learner.

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