This article will cover:

  • How to use the Media Library to upload & manage video, document, presentation, and/or SCORM files.
  • Highlight the simplicity of performing bulk uploads.
  • Highlight the efficiency of uploading an asset that you would like to include within multiple courses.

If you wish to upload a single asset to a specific course activity, as an alternative, you can do so by selecting Upload from Computer from the respective course activity.

Step 1

In the top navigation bar, click Content and select Media Library.

Step 2

Click Upload at the top right.

Step 3

Click Choose file to upload.


Step 4

Select the file/files you would like uploaded into the Media Library & select Open.


Step 5

Once all of the files have been successfully loaded the Save button will illuminate in green. To import the files trigger the Save button.


Step 6

The file/files will display in the table along with information about the Asset Type, Status, and the date and time of the most recent modification. A status of Ready signifies that the file is available for use within courses.


Step 7

Once the file has been uploaded, you have the ability to Delete, Edit, Replace or Download the corresponding asset by clicking the three dots found under the Actions column.


Want to include a Media Library asset within a course? ✅

Step 1

In the top navigation bar, click Content and select Courses. Click to open a course or create a new course.

Step 2

Create a new video, document, presentation, or SCORM activity. Then click Select from Media Library. (If you need to upload more assets, click Upload from Computer and you will be brought back to the Media Library.)

Step 3

A window appears where you can select the asset you uploaded to the Media Library. Note that only asset types for the specific activity type you selected will display (e.g., in a Video activity, only video files will display).

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