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  • How to create a sequence of courses where you can set up the order in which the learners navigate/customize a course series.

Note: Creating a course sequence, requires the utilization of the Custom end-of-course screen.

Step 1

On the Content > Courses page, click to open a course.

Step 2

Click on Settings.

Step 3

Within the End of course screen section, click on the dropdown menu and select Custom. Enter a Headline, Description, & Hero Image for your custom screen.

👍Recommendation: We would advise that you include text to instruct the learner to continue to the next course. For example, "Congratulations you completed the course. Now go forth and conquer the next course!"

Step 4

Next, under Primary call to action, click on the dropdown menu for Button destination and select Send to course. Under Course, select the name of the course you want to send learners to next. Enter your desired custom button text. For example "Head to next conquest!".

Step 5

Click Update at the top right.

Note: If you have enabled the Credentials app, there will automatically be a button added on the end-of-course screen to view the certificate

An example customized end-of-course screen is provided below.

Want to create an extended sequence? 🤔

To include additional courses in the course sequence, open the next course in the sequence and repeat the steps above.

  • Additional Idea: If you would like to require learners to complete certain criteria in one course before being able to see the end-of-course screen and access the next course in the sequence, add a Milestone to the end of the course. Check the box in the Milestone that says 'Learner must meet the requirement of this milestone to progress through the course'.

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