Upload a SCORM package and create a SCORM activity within a course (a course may contain multiple SCORM activities, in addition to other activity types such as videos and presentations, etc.).

Before moving forward, you must have the SCORM app enabled in your school by selecting the below within Apps in the navigation bar:

Step 1

Click on Media Library in the top navigation bar. Click the Upload button and upload the SCORM package(s). The package should be in a .zip file.

Step 2

Once the file is done processing, it will say 'Ready' under the Status. Go to Content within the navigation bar and select Courses. Select the desired course.

Step 3

Click Add Activity. Select SCORM as the content type.

Step 4

Select from one of the SCOs (Sharable Content Objects) within your available SCORM packages from the drop-down menu.

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