The rich text editor can be found in multiple places in the platform:

  1. In the rich text activity when building a course

  2. On the quiz page when you're building a quiz

  3. On the assignment page when you're creating an assignment

You can identify the rich text editor by the toolbar displayed at the top. All rich text editors offer the same functionalities.

Step 1

Select a course by selecting Content in the navigation bar and choosing your desired course

Step 2

Click Add Activity. Select Rich Text as the content type.

Step 3

Add text for the activity. Use the toolbar to edit and format your text, add links, or insert images. Changes are saved automatically.

Formatting Note: We do not recommend resizing images in the rich text editor as it affects the responsiveness of the images on mobile devices.

Pro-Tip: Add an audio file by clicking the <> icon and copy/pasting the embed code from the tool you're using to host the audio file.

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