This article explains how to add, edit and delete images in the rich text editor. The rich text editor can be found in multiple places in the platform:

  1. In the rich text activity when building a course
  2. On the quiz page when you're building a quiz
  3. On the assignment page when you're creating an assignment
  4. On any course activity pages that have the 'Description' or 'Additional Information' fields enabled.
  5. On the receipt sign off page that is accessible when the Commerce feature is enabled

You can identify the rich text editor by the toolbar displayed at the top. All rich text editors offer the same functionalities.

Step 1

In the toolbar, click on the image icon.


Step 2

Click Choose File and select an image file. A blue progress bar displays at the top as the file is being processed.


Step 3

You will see the image inserted into the Body box once the upload is complete.


Additional Information


Formatting Note

  • We do not recommend resizing images in the rich text editor as it affects the responsiveness of the images on mobile devices.

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