This article explains how to enable a setting in your course that allows learners to navigate through the course whichever order they choose. Once enabled, learners will be able to navigate between activities as they see fit, however, they will be required to complete all activities before they are able to successfully complete the course. 

Milestones will be displayed to the user as a separate activity and you will have the ability to customize the messaging presented to a user within the milestone activity itself.

Before following the instructions below, please make sure you have the new Learning Experience enabled in your school. If you do not have it enabled but would like to, contact us.

Step 1

On the Content > Courses page, open the course.

Step 2

Click on Settings.

Step 3

In the General Information section, select 'Free-form: learners can navigate in any order they choose'. 

Step 4

Click Update in the top right corner.

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