As the SCORM market grows, we have noticed multiple tickets about the issues with SCORM files uploaded to Northpass.

Our platform allows only files in version as below;

SCORM File Type: SCORM 1.2 SCORM Player Type: HTML5

Additionally, right below you will find best practices for the upload of SCORM files from different providers.

Tracking Export Options: Local

This is important for milestone activities & the SCORM event variables required to trigger the milestone.


Export via course completion triggers

There is a way that the three required variables (cmi.core.score.raw, cmi.core.score.min, & cmi.core.score.max) by adding javascript to the SCORM file. Here is a Youtube video that may be helpful in walking you through how javascript can be added into the file:GEw.

Please note that this is an older video, but I think that the process should be similar. You will want the first variable of the code below specified as the value you want the milestone to be set to. For instance, if you want the SCORM milestone set to 80%, you will want to create a JavaScript trigger on a slide that occurs when the

SCORM Export Best Practices

The file is 80% complete. The trigger that you will want to include is

SCORM_SetScore(80,100,0); .

This will set 80 as the raw score with 0 as the minimum score & 100 as the maximum score. Once including the javascript, please upload the updated file into the Northpass platform and the milestone activity should trigger as expected. Please let us know if you have any questions as we would be happy to help & I offer my apologies for any inconvenience.


Export RISE SCORM files using the quiz result as the tracking metric. In doing so, the score that a user receives on a quiz will be the value that is reported under the Score column within the SCORM Package Analysis.


If you want learners to watch the entire SCORM file, our thought is that you can include an interaction event at the end of the SCORM file that the learners can click to acknowledge their completion of the file.
This acknowledgment would trigger a raw score event to be sent to Northpass which would then trigger the 'Continue' button to become visible as a result of the milestone activity completion.

If the above recommendation is not successful, here is another approach: Please ask the Captivate Support Team if it is possible to have the following javascript trigger before the package ends: SCORM_SetScore(80,100,0);

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