Our integration with HubSpot enables marketing, sales, and service teams to use digital learning to accelerate onboarding, boost product adoption, reduce support tickets, raise brand awareness, and increase win rates.

At Northpass, we are making customer education a seamless component of your customers’ experience by making it possible for Hubspot customers to build their own branded customer academies.

With Northpass for Hubspot, you can:

  • Quickly build an engaging customer academy with ease

  • Programmatically share data between HubSpot and Northpass

  • Automate customer education workflows using learning and CRM data

  • Centralize learning activity data within your CRM

  • Incorporate customer education into your content strategy


  • You are an Admin in both Northpass and Hubspot

  • You are on a premium or higher plan

Getting Started:

  1. Log in as a Northpass Admin

  2. Go to your Apps section

  3. Click on the HubSpot app

  4. Click “Get Started”

    This will prompt you to either login to HubSpot or select an account (if you are already logged in to HubSpot) in the browser.

  5. Select the account and click “Choose Account.”

Helpful Information:

What data flows from Northpass to HubSpot?

  • A learner’s course progress will be displayed as a custom property on the Contact record.

  • Each course will have its own corresponding custom Contact property.

  • Through the integration, updated course progress will be passed to HubSpot and displayed in the corresponding property.

  • Data-related actions that occur in Northpass (i.e., learner activated, quiz completed, course completed, etc.) can be passed to HubSpot as timeline events. This is configurable within the Apps section of Northpass.

  • We are not moving the historical data. Only the progress made once the integration is installed will be added to your learner's profiles.

  • If a learner’s email address does not match an email address on a HubSpot Contact, you can configure the integration to create a contact in HubSpot.

📣 Heads Up! 📣

  • Northpass will match a learner record with a HubSpot Contact record based on email address.

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